PASSHE Center City uses a messaging system called e2Campus to communicate weather and utility delays along with any other emergency notifications. Below you will find details regarding the use of this system and how to sign up. This type of communication will be used in the event of a crisis, emergency, or weather situation and will be used in addition to the current methods of communication which include a voice message on the main line (267.386.3001), this website (, and the local media (radio and tv).



What is e2Campus? e2Campus is one of multiple communication methods that Dixon University Center will use in the event of a crisis, emergency, or inclement weather situation that may impact the operation of the Dixon University Center facilities.

How does the system work? If it is determined that a crisis, emergency, or inclement weather situation will impact the operation of the Dixon University Center facilities, a text message will be sent to all individuals who have registered. These messages will be sent to cell phones or to an e-mail address.

How do I register? To register for the first time, fill in the information under "Register for e2Campus". Once registered, you will receive a validation code via text message on the mobile number or email address that you provided to activate the account. You will then be able to login and add other mobile numbers and email addresses. There is also a link on the main page to sign up for email only accounts.

Why should I register? By registering, you will be able to receive alerts in the event of a crisis, emergency or inclement weather situation. Text-messages are, for now, the quickest communication method in an emergency and are an effective way to contact individuals who are off-campus, outside of class or who are not reachable by other methods such as e-mail.

How will PASSHE Center City communicate in an emergency? Text-messaging is just one of multiple methods PASSHE Center City uses in an emergency. Other methods include postings on, recorded message on 267.386.3001, and release of information to the local media (as posted on the website).

What should I do when I receive an alert? If an alert is issued, it is vital that you follow instructions in the message. The length of the message is limited but will provide needed information. Will the system be tested? The system will be tested at least once a semester at a time that will not disrupt the current class schedule.

How do I update my contact information? If you change cell numbers or providers, please login to e2Campus and make the necessary changes. You can do this through the PASSHE Center City website. To be effective, the contact information must be current and we ask that changes be made as soon as possible. You are responsible for ensuring the accuracy of your information.

What if I want to register at another time? You can register at any time, but we recommend that you register immediately to ensure that you receive alerts in the event of an emergency.

Does the system cost anything? There is no charge by PASSHE Center City to participate in e2Campus. However, you are responsible to pay any fees charged by your service provider in connection with receiving these alerts.

What if I don't receive the message? PASSHE Center City will make every attempt to contact you using the information you supplied, but we cannot guarantee you will receive the message or how quickly the message may be redistributed by various service providers off campus. Please remember to check the other forms of communication in addition to this messaging system.



Who should I contact with questions?

Please contact Christina Dennis, PASSHE Center City Director, with any questions or concerns. She can be reached via email at or via phone at 267.386.3003 (direct line) or 267.386.3001 (general line).