City Wide Evacuation Recommended Assembly Area

In the event that the local authorities determine Mellon Independence Center must perform a full building evacuation, a remote area has been identified as a suitable assembly point for the buildings tenants.

The location is Franklin Square located at 7th and Race Street.

This area is accessible utilizing any of the building main exits or stair tower exits by proceeding to 7th Street and continuing north toward Arch St. for approximately two blocks until arriving at the entrance to the park. Upon arrival check-in with your instructor or State System @ Center City personnel and await further instructions from building personnel or local authorities.


Assembly Area Instructions

Upon arrival to the designated assembly area, the Disaster Recovery Plan may go into effect. At this point, a communications liaison will be established. The liaison will communicate updated information, as it becomes available, regarding incident status, return to work, etc. A member of the building security team or management team will be posted on the corner of 7th Street and Arch Street. EFC's will be able to obtain updated building status from this person.


General Assembly Area - Recommended Practices

As there will be voluminous amounts of people from all buildings arriving at the assembly area the following recommendations should be considered to ensure personnel accountability:

  • Select a pre-designated location at the assembly area for your group where everyone is to meet.
  • Consider making a sign with the department name and/or AIM NUMBER that can be attached to a pole or similar type of device that can be held-up in the air at the assembly area location so that it is visible to assembled or arriving personnel.

The location is the Philadelphia Parking Authority Surface Level Parking Lot at 8th and Arch Street.




Who should I contact with questions?

Please contact Lorelee Isbell, State System @ Center City Interim Director, with any questions or concerns. She can be reached via email at or via phone at 267.386.3001 (general line).